Bedrooms in White

Bedroom interior

The bedroom is not just a place to sleep. Actually it is a paradise where you rest and where it is most convenient. Climate change affects the harmony in the room, so to keep the sedative effects of this premise, it is important to make some changes. To beat the heat of summer, you can prepare early and turn your room into a place that will protect you from the unpleasant effects of time. Here are some ideas that can give “cool” touch of the bedroom and make it a place that relaxes you most. These ideas about the style of the bedroom during the summer months are easy to use.

Make sure you are using shades of bright colors in the decor. In summer environment in such colors have a calming effect. So you can choose lighter shades for the walls and interior. This does not mean changing the entire interior every six months with the change of seasons. You can act with foresight and stick to a few clever ideas about the style of the bedroom.
Instead painted walls, use wallpaper in soothing colors. The variety of colors and patterns affect the overall appearance of the decor in the bedroom. Not costly, while the room look elegant.

Bedroom white

You can use curtains and blinds by betting on the lighter shades and transparent fabrics. Thereby control the amount of light coming into the bedroom during the day. To save money, you can buy pieces of fabric from retail shops or online stores as there price is much lower.
Replace the carpet in the room. Rather than cover the entire floor with a single carpet, put some tracks in the bed and the door. This is another way to change the overall look of the bedroom.

Play with “warmth” of the light. The lights in the room have a key role in the summer. Have you noticed that the yellow and halogen lamps make the atmosphere more “hot”, unlike fluorescent lamps? Well, that’s it’s why you can play with the lighting. Instead of using halogen bulbs, fluorescent lights in select different colors, mostly in white or blue.

Insert the floral flavor. Put the flower stalks of the nightstands next to the bed. This will bring a charming touch that has a relaxing effect. Also you can put potted flowers that emit more oxygen and purify the air. To reinforce the floral flavor bet on floral and furniture. Flowers did impart delicate flavor and also freshen the room. Nowadays, however, for this purpose, people rely on different flavors with different smell – of rose, jasmine, sandalwood and others.

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5 Always Stylish – Classic Color Combinations


BW Interior

Even if you like the bold stripes and artistic decor, this does not mean that you can not create a warm and stylish interior. Actually, you could create a very modern and elegant interior spaces with the help of some classic color combinations. This article will give you some ideas for combining different colors with which to transform and spruce up your home. See which of our offerings you will enjoy and start planning the change. Here are our favorite color combinations.

Black and White

Whether it’s for fashion or interior, everything looks better in black and white. Kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom will look chic and sophisticated in this color combination. Moreover, the combination of these colors will always be relevant and will need to transform yourselves room and only update individual accents.

Brown and Pink

Feminine and comfortable, chocolate brown and all shades of pink to complement great, regardless of the room in which they are used. Whether it’s baby’s room or place for breakfast in the kitchen, this classic combination works flawlessly. With a touch of rustic charm and a touch of country style, these colors will bring warmth and classic atmosphere in your home.

Brown Pink interior


Yellow and Ivory

Bright and vibrant spring, a combination of yellow and ivory is suitable for any room of your home that you think needs a little more light. Your kitchen or bathroom will look great decorated with these colors as they instantly bring a sense of freshness and purity. Have fun selecting your favorite shade of yellow – they all will fit perfectly with the color of ivory.

Red and Gold

If you want something a little more flamboyant, try a red and gold. For the dining room or foyer, this is a classic and sophisticated combination very suitable for creating a luxurious interior with a Victorian feel. These colors will appeal to people who prefer antique accents and opulent interiors from the past.

Gray and Blue

The combination of gray and blue creates a sense of calm and relaxation. Whether you decorate your place for reading or bedroom, this color combination is the best choice for creating simple and stylish interior. Just like a rainy day, a room decorated with these colors will make you smile and give you prone to break, unlike the rooms painted in bright colors.

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Ideas for the home office

Hone office

It is very important to have a home office, especially if you are working online or freelance. To create a home office, however, is not as easy as you think. It is important that the workspace is functional and comfortable to stimulate a successful workflow. We also need to decide whether to use an entire room or just a spot in one of the rooms. Once you build your office is very important to keep it in good condition. This is essential to the workflow as good layout will considerably facilitate your work. If you have any problems with the organization of your workspace, our tips can be useful for you.


If you have enough space, you can put additional section for storing belongings. However, if you have space for only a desk, it will be more difficult and will need to show their creativity.

Multi-functional desk

A good way to organize your possessions is the use of multi-functional office, including desktop and storage space.

Office Design

Create an organizational system

If you want everything you ordered are equipped with desk accessories from variety of plastic trays for papers, pencil boxes, sticky notes and other organizers, who will bring order to your work place.

Use furniture on wheels

Furniture on wheels are very practical because they can easily be moved and used for different purposes. Small units with drawers on wheels, for example, can be placed both under your desk and serve as a collection of various tools and documents, as well as in the living room or bedroom as side tables or nightstands.


Put all the small items, depending on their purpose and place them in separate places, so you always know where everything is available.

office Home

Remove unnecessary items

While ordering will encounter items that you never have to use. Move them somewhere else, or gift them to someone who needs them.

Use unobtrusive colors

If you want your home office to look clean and tidy, choose light colors. Do not use patterns, they could overwhelm the space.

Keep a valuable objects

Speaking of valuable items, we mean things that you use frequently. Place them in convenient locations that can be easily reached without having to search for them in the drawers. This will save time and avoid chaos.

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Ideas for small garden


Garden interior

After a long winter most of us crave a little greenery and start dreaming about plants, flowers and gardens. One of the main challenges in the field of gardening comes down to the square. Most people do not have large gardens and is one of the reasons to give up all of the cultivation of plants. The good news is that even in the smallest space possible to create a garden, especially if you intend to grow herbs and vegetables. We present five ideas for small gardens to help you to realize your gardening ambitions.

Pots are very popular way to grow plants, but you have to mention. Whether you have room for a few small pots or more, this is one of the best options for growing plants in the home. Imagine the smell of fresh herbs and throughout the year. Certain vegetables, such as tomatoes, also grow in pots. One of the advantages of pots that can be moved outside or inside depending on the season.


pots interior

Whether it is covered with plexiglass or plastic panels Greenhouse, they are fantastic way to absorb sunlight for growing plants in a small area. The market has a variety in style and size greenhouses. If you’re still unable to find a suitable greenhouse, you can work it out yourself. Thing about the greenhouse is that frequently use the space, thanks to shelves fit plants quite a small area. Greenhouse is ideal for areas where winter lasts much longer and reduces the period for growing vegetables. The greenhouse extends quite period for growing any plants.

Caskets Boxes are one of the best solutions for people who live in cities and have very little outdoor space. You could earn it yourself or use ready boxes. The main advantage of the boxes is that you can easily squeeze in a corner in the garden or on the balcony.

If you own a garden, but do have a window, you can make a garden window. Use available resources such as curtain rod hangers, etc., and create your small garden window. In this way, plants will receive enough sunlight and room to freshen up with a dose of spring mood.

When space is small, be creative and create a vertical garden, such as this project made of ordinary gutter for rainwater. It does not take up any space, while quite functional and beautiful.

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Minimalism home decor


The mail rule of minimalist home interior is “less is more”. The decor is as clean, strong prevailing lines and shapes, visible geometric elements. The apartment is spacious, with high ceilings, often without curtains to let in more light. When the colors prevailing white, cream, gray, black. The interior is varied by means of abstract and unusual pictures or figures. The furniture follows current fashion trends, the individual furniture are scattered around the rooms of the house does not look too big and empty. Minimalist interior style is suitable for art natures and ambition to build a career in banking, real estate, economics.

This style is very popular last years as a lot of people already selected it and implemented in into their flats and houses. We already reviewed many different minimalism interiors, so it is one of the top trends into the design and style for this year too.

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Coastal interior design

Costal Home design

If you like sea and the summer, definitely the Coastal and Mediterranean styles will perfectly fit to your home design and interior. The coastal style is ideal if you have a villa or other property close to the sea. The basis on which this style sets are the light and view. This implies more and larger windows including sun terrace that can protect you from the cool sea breeze, but allows you to enjoy the atmosphere.
The coastal interior design relies on natural materials and sleek decor. The leading colors are naturally blue, beige (associated with sand) and white. You can diversify with coral or turquoise. The furniture is made of colored wood or rattan.

In coastal style decor prevail the nautical motifs, such as ropes, gifts from the sea, seafaring symbols (maps, compasses, anchors). All these accessories will make your home looking impressive and really stylish

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Tips about lighting in home

Lighting livingroom

Do you want lighting in your home to be nice and soft, yet strong enough to see what you’re doing? This quick tutorial will introduce you to the basic types of lighting fixtures and give you some valuable tips on how to build adequate lighting in every room of your home.

When building the lighting in a home, there are two basic rules:

  1. Combine several light sources placed at different levels to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room;
  2. Make sure you have adequate lighting depending on the activity you do in this part of the home.

Light the three of the four corners of the living room as a focus of light on an object such as a piece of art, plant or interesting chair. Use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps, some of which are directed downwards, and others – up. Provide more places for reading by placing lamps with adjustable light downward. If you have overhead lighting is good to put the dimmer, which can adjust more precisely the light emitted.

In the living room make the area around the dining table the brightest spot in the room using a chandelier or pendant light over the table itself, a bulb with power up to 100 watts. For the rest of the dining area you can use indirect lighting, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Bring light shine with a pair of small table lamps placed on a sideboard or a pair of brackets mounted on the wall. In addition, you can use candles and lamps imitating powered by batteries placed behind a glass window or a suitable shelf.

In the kitchen is well to focus on overhead lighting, with adjustable dimmer, so you can play it loud when cooking. Add some lower light sources to illuminate workspaces. Use hanging lamps, mounted under kitchen cabinets or stable table lamps placed away from the sink.

The aim of the bedroom is to create a cozy nook with a secluded atmosphere. Place reading lamps, suitable for reading or sconces on the wall next to the bed, but not directed at him. If you have a Spot lighting, point it away from the bed as possible to your wardrobe. To achieve a sense of intimacy, you can place a small lamp emitting a weak colored light on a low table or directly on the floor.

The best light source make-up is side lighting, sconces deuce side of the mirror in the bathroom. Overhead the lighting will help fill any shadows and fully lit room, which also make-up is very useful when cleaning the bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, you can also place a light source directly above the shower area.

And finally, it is good to think about the type of lighting that you choose. The use of LEDs will reduce your electricity costs by up to 30%. View more information about this type of lighting.

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Interior design trends for 2013

Interior trends 2013

On this year’s London design festival all top designers take the opportunity to showcase their latest collections of others in the industry. In this article we present some of the newest and most modern trends and show you how to get modern look – and without spending a ton of money. Here are the top interior design trends for 2013.

Trend: “retro botany”

Patterns of flowers, inspired by the 50s of last century, not only were popular for a few years, but this trend never goes away. The festival is highlighted many examples of the use of design in Formica style wallpaper with retro elments of botany. To get this trend in your home brighten up your living room with graphic botanical pattern. Renovation of the curtains and decorative pillows actually allows you to update the overall look of the room without him decorate.

Trend “group mirrors”

Inverted leather frames reminiscent of the Baroque – another key trend on the London design festival. At the same time they add femininity and would look great in the bedroom. And to make this trend note that the mirrors look great when hung over the headboard or fireplace. If you want the effect to be stylish, use a combination of an odd number of mirrors.

Trend “in the woods”

In many of the latest designer collections stand out ordinary, untreated wooden surfaces. What about oak, beech and birch – pale, bare wood with no visible traces of varnish, paint or decorate. To implement it into your home create a sense of forest themed accessories and motifs with leaves. This is a wonderful way to freshen up in the fall. You can buy a cheap but chic objects: candlesticks of cones, decorative mushrooms and bulky provincial furniture.

Trend: “brass”

There are also many steel home accessories such as brass and copper finishes were among the most popular. To use this trend add a touch of glamor to your home with stylish products with metallic gleam. You can bet on flashy accessories lamps, candlesticks and vases.

Trend: “marble”

Of “granite” pads to “marble” lighting, carved from a single boulder, striated stone surfaces are definitely in fashion. Marble is a bit pricey, but you do not need much money to bring “stone” effect in your home. You can bet on marble wallpapers that look just like real – cover niche or place emphasis on one of the walls – this way you will achieve a stylish effect at an affordable price.

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Where to place the flowers in your flat


hangling flowers

Place for large plants is the floor – heavy pot on the table, it may seem unstable. Architectural plants are the usual choice, but there are other options. Flowering vines and high with large leaves are also quite suitable for growing on the floor. Interior designers adore higher species. Two identical plants on both sides of the door creates symmetry in a big room and stand pots near the door to the garden actually “wrap” the garden inside. You should carefully choose the right floor for growing plants. Narrow, growing up types make the ceiling seem higher and lower that grow sideways, have the opposite effect. Remember that pots can damage the carpet, so put them in a bed of wood or cork.

There is no better way to expose hanging plants than to place them in a container that hangs from the ceiling or wall mount. Nothing prevents creeping down stalks, and it hung in the air living plants produce very nice view. People notice the plants in a basket on the wall of a house, but would not look at them again if they were planted in beds underneath. Pending plant can be used to give a height of what is placed on the ground, or to be made more interesting and colored window niche or on the dark side.

Do not place hanging plants in the event that the ceiling in the room is small – indoor flowers should never hinder you when you go. Carefully select the pot and make sure the part attached to the ceiling firmly intercepted and can carry the weight of the pot and cake in her after watering. Plant should be nice and in good condition – disheveled ivy or philodendron hanging shoots can actually take away from the beauty of the surroundings. Plant care is not an easy task – obviously much more difficult to pour weeping compared to those that are on the floor or on a window sill.

Small plants should be lifted in order for you to enjoy them closely. Usually the pot is placed on the windowsill, a shelf or furniture. You should use deep enough to drain pad to protect your furniture – if you spill water, wipe it immediately.

People who are related to indoor plants as a green pet and not as things to put on display, usually growing plants on the windowsill. From an aesthetic point of view is very beautiful to put a catchy kind of flower – low and thick leaves, if you stand in the middle of the sill, and a high and tight, if you put it at one end. Select species that thrive in the sun. Of course, you need to choose a plant that can fit the whole situation – small, insignificant-looking flower room on the ledge of a large box does not impress much.

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Spiral stairs as home interior feature

Spiral stairs

The spiral stairs have several advantages compared to conventional ladders. Visually, they are much more interesting and attractive because of the nice elegant curves and a sense of rhythm, which suggest. Furthermore, spiral stairs take up much less space than traditional straight stairs, suitable for smaller homes that do not have enough space for standard stairs. If you decide to put the spiral stairs in your home you probably already encountered a variety of models, materials, etc. To assist you in your choice, selected for you some of the best designs of spiral stairs.
Strong and stable the wooden stairs have softness and warmth characteristic of wood and would stand well in both traditional and modern interiors. If you want to create a contrast, note that the wooden stairs stand out great against white walls.

The metal stairs in this interior complement the industrial style of the room, with exposed metal ducts and brick walls create an interesting urban style decor. The metal spiral staircases are definitely one of the most important elements in this modern open interior cool shades. Delicate and elegant structure of the stairs retains the feeling of spaciousness and open spaces. Steps of stairs are covered with patterns in relief, so as to avoid any slipping.

If you like the monochromatic interiors, you can paint the stairs in the color of the wall behind them. In this way they will merge visually with the wall and will enhance the feeling of space and freedom in the interior.

Although the glass stairs are not entirely made of glass, it plays an important role in the whole structure. When talking about the stairs of glass, we must have in mind that they are always combined with metal, concrete, wood, or all three materials simultaneously. Like staircase requires a lot of money and work, but it is worthy of a museum, right? Glass staircases are suitable for rooms with nice views as the transparency of the glass allows the occupants to enjoy the view, regardless of where the home is located.

In the modern spiral staircase most commonly found combination of metal and wood – the perfect combination of strength and softness. In this interior light wood flooring and stairs is perfectly combined with sleek metal construction of stairs and railing on the second floor. Horizontal lines of the stairs, the vertical lines of the railing and curved lines spiral stairs are interwoven, creating a harmonious interior, which focuses on the beautiful geometric lines.

The spiral stairs are not just for the interior. They are great, stylish and functional solution for outdoor spaces. Naturally, it is necessary to comply with external environmental conditions and climate. Some stairs, for example, would be perfect for the exterior, both from a functional and from an aesthetic point of view.

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