Hasegawa presented wonderful coffee table

HanaProduct, created by Japanese designer Shigeyuki Hasegawa, distinguished by a special delicacy and elegance. Mass is called Hana and was shown at Salone Satellite during the Spring Exhibition in Milan, Milan Furniture Fair 2009. Hana looks like a delicate flower. The table is made of wood and glass, using Origami techniques. On five wooden panels, which are assembled without any fittings, was placed round glass desktop. Although the designer did not use nails and glue table looks pretty healthy. He also created and lamp called Hana Stretch, which has a great vision of the flower, is made of fabric.
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Zara Home Catalog Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Zara Home catalog

Zara has presented its new catalog Fall / Winter 2009/2010 home. Collection next season will be colorful sun in our homes during the year when the sun is often not shown. Nature is inspiration for Zara Home: it selects a minimalist style in which to live. Thus the name Zara, becomes more significant, a synonym of comfort, harmony and prosperity. The color palette here is neutral in color from beige to brown – flowing into a cozy atmosphere. There are striped box jacquard combined with floral embroidery and diagrams, and colorful ethnic decoration. The white color is always gorgeous in the bedroom, as eternal seducer, romantic piece, used for blankets, pillows and details.

As to the bathroom Zara Home welcomes seagoing style, combined with good vintage bathtub.

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Black minimalism of Erik Andersson Architects

Black InteriorBased in Stockholm, Erik Andersson Architects is an international architectural companies, establishing a modern architecture and urban planning. The following photos show one of their projects. The apartment is decided in the black, which is very surprising for Swedish design. I love the black color, it adds mystery of the interior. The white lights here and there and a few decorative elements, such as chairs or walls have peace, space and contrast. For some it is difficult to perceive absolute black interior, but for me the feeling to haunt this house would be wonderful!
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Inspirational Home Interior from ERGES

ERGES Interior

ERGES is Latvian interior design studio with offices in London and Riga. ERGES designers use their knowledge of the latest technological innovations for the development of avant-garde design and architecture. This is an exciting interior for a small home studio set up in Latvia. The apartment is finished in a modern style in the style of the Hi-Tech. The main color theme is black and white, but bright red accents flooring and expand the space. The apartment is furnished with furniture made of glass and leather. Original map of the world stands beautifully in the office, made of decorative plaster. Great interior style, really showing the space of the flat and giving a feeling of spaceful design.

Amazing interior design in all cases.

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Attic converted into a perfect flat


Here is a dwelling in which I lived with pleasure. Like all attic and this is tiny, but it proved sufficient to create a great small, sunny apartment. This task is handled perfectly by the English firm Altitude Lofts, specializing in the transformation of the ceilings. The interior is my favorite combination of wood and bright, in the case of white walls. Floor, window and part of the furniture are nice wood tones. Another part of the furniture is white and eyes are not so loaded, the room looks more spacious. I can not Narada of color combination of white and wood. It is complemented by lots of light, entering through skylights and windows. So the overall impression is a cozy, sunny apartment. Now it’s time to start walking. There is living room with a small sofa and TV cabinet and other equipment for entertainment. To the left are stairs, which can reach the apartments. The wall behind the couch is occupied by huge windows or doors soon, although not leading to the terrace. But certainly are great and provide plenty of light and views. Thus creating a feeling of more spacious, more open space. Especially given that the entire length of the wall, including against the home office.

Home officeIt seems that there is enough room and living room table and a couple of stools. Maybe you are more of such premises, but will have nowhere to sit with friends to drink. For a nice rug, however, certainly has a place. Not bad man not to sit as a step on the floor, although it is parquet. For the table, but work have found a place in one corner. It is ideal to sit in one, put the laptop to read and post some in my house. : D She is absolutely pure design, but not look bad. On the contrary – it is very cute and fits perfectly in the interior. On both sides there are beautiful lamps and one on her, and during the day light can provide a dormer. They placed special blinds and light can be adjusted. It has a small gas stove and sink, and the panels have enough room coffee maker, microwave and other appliances. On the walls there is room for only one drawer and two shelves. To do this there are several panels in the cabinet. They are completely white and thus does not stand out and seem closer facility. Lighting here is provided by two skylights and two lamps. A dormer would have decided the problem with the smell of cooking, as it is not noticeable hood, although if there is a place to place.

The home office is great! Some would say it is close and there is nowhere to be turning. But the Home Office is right though. It is normal to be tiny. And have a place for a computer, printer and telephone. There are shelves on the wall enough for books, folders and disks. Ceiling freckles are noted for lighting. But the light comes mostly from the huge windows. Before they are stairs. In addition, they contribute with light and sight, which is very important at work, because tired eyes and even soothes him. Work was raised and avoid direct sunlight to the eyes.

The combination of wood and white here is the most visible and is simply amazing. Together with the light from the windows, creating a unique atmosphere and sunny mood.

Jump imagine how you sit there and you dig the laptop before me and stretches a beautiful view and the sun is smiling … idyll. It is so fresh and sunny, such coziness emanated from him … it is great! At least for me. The wooden elements, white but not sterile, walls, flooring, office, bathroom, kitchen, everything. Everything is perfect. The whole is bathed in sunlight from the enormous windows with views of the collar. And so skylights. I find no flaws, except some feminine elements measurement. But it will be a guest like me.

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Cozy apartment with a Swedish interior

Cozy Flat

I sometimes wonder that so hard to Bulgaria to make a bedroom cozy and interesting. Even newly built or repaired are boring or pretentious. People here are usually either have no imagination, or they are so vivid that are buried in kitsch. Apparently it is very difficult to be a wall painted in different colors, another to decorate, to put a couple of interesting accessories. Two metal tubes and similar vase, a dark wall, carefully chosen furniture and carpet in the same vein. Need not be expensive to be suitable. For example table and chairs are massive, and a huge variety of wenge, that so many Bulgarians favorite color. Rather, they are white with thin metal legs (just like the lights). It seems like occupy less space and look – as if looking through them. Eyes do not stop. And furniture and walls are white. Just around the windows is painted a dark color, but a lot of light entering through them makes it look lighter.

Some interesting pictures of the library complete photos, a muzzle on it and the floor lamp imported very few non-standard colors and shades. The kitchen is separated by a door, or even desktop. There are free transition between it and the living room. General impression of space is complemented by the orchestra, which covers the kitchen and a perfect fit plots. And no – no problem with the kitchen flooring is put if appropriate.

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Office in the Forest

Office Forest

I saw this office several months ago and now I added it for future publication. I had not seen such before. The offices of Google, Apple or Adobe turnips to eat before that. Do not want them. This is it a modern office, which would peg the greatest pleasure. Many Bulgarian publications have blogs about it, but it’s worth and I can write one. And then with a little info in it, not just with pictures. The office is new and is of Spanish architectural firm Selgas Cano. It is built on their own project, and thanks to the filming of Iwan Baan and we can enjoy it. And I, and others who have written about it, call it an office in the woods, but apparently no one delve into Google Maps. The office is actually located a few meters from the street in a residential neighborhood in Madrid. I just got a lot of greenery around and it seems that the building is in the middle of forest. It’s very nice that retained vegetation around. No parking, no road, no concrete. And it has a wooden path on which employees can reach their jobs on foot or by bicycle. The trail passes into the stairs and dug into the ground on which to enter the building. Entrance was a small part of the rear wall and floor in the middle of the building. So do not infringe too much pipe structure. A building is actually just that – a Trabi.

Is half buried in the ground. Half of the front, north wall that sticks out above the surface and half the windows are covered by 20 millimeters thick curved acrylic panels. The other half of the roof and back wall are made of insulated sandwich of fiberglass and polyester and does not allow direct access to sunlight. Walls have small canopies, which are lifted in a fun way – with counterweights. I wonder how I will feel a person if, for example by walking his dog sensed something in navre and shrubs. Tore after him and the trees in front of you comes modernist dugout full of people. Not to mention if it is dark and the lights are light on inside. Must be quite an attractive sight.

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Great Interior Design of Small apartment


This project, called Valentin, object lesson is to maximize the living area through a combination of design and engineering solutions. ECDM French company had the task to transform the studio of an artist in a small but fully functional apartment. The premise is 50 meters² and has two levels. The most characteristic part of the house is the bedroom that looks like a lump of sugar, at least in my opinion. The client had a serious prima facie requirement in flatlet to fit and bedroom. Architects were able for example to deploy in one corner of the room big bed. So he would form a common space – living room and bedroom. But these approaches are quite original and radically to the problem, they have turned the disadvantage into advantage. Have achieved it with the collar idea to make a hanging bed! It is a white cube / why it is called a lump of sugar / made of metal and wood. It is located over part of the day from both sides there are stairs connecting the two levels. But it is high enough to be able to go below it. Indeed, so hung over and above level, but not for him. Between them there is a certain distance, which makes the interior even more spectacular. The open side faces the dining room and kitchen. Generally the heart and the bedroom is the most distinctive feature of the apartment. Thanks to this approach, the lower level remained open to living area. She even gives a sense of spaciousness. The furniture is dark with some bright colored parts and contrast with the white interior otherwise. Most beautiful the sapare me into the bedroom and one section of the wall. The separe is formed by the table, which may be a stool and an armchair and two-settee, which are May and bedding. The furniture is very well chosen – are multifunctional, and it is ideal for small homes.

The department occupies the entire length of one wall, but the height is only three lines. So, however, pictures and other widgets, arranged on it are at eye level and can continuously enjoy the eye. Furthermore, it is filled with books and magazines, and they generally have more than one function to read – a perfect way to diversify and freshen the interior. In the dining room furniture and accessories are also interesting. The mass of wood with a transparent desktop. Small chairs are also transparent, but with metal construction. Great are wooden, with very high backs are only one frame. Another landmark here are three, but may have more lights. They are one of the other more bizarre. In the dining room there are not many things, but all are interesting and unconventional design. Unfortunately not many photos of the bathroom and kitchen. There is one more precisely. So far seen the bathroom is great. The sink is one of those that are placed on the desktop and does not like, but this look good. Are you a shower room and a large window. But the kitchen seems gone. It is not something that is visible from it. Apparently Gaston Bergeret photographer who take pictures, he decided to focus on details. Or the owners are unwilling to shoot them all. I do not know, but depriving us of a little more fun. One thing I noticed in the 3D model. Say two things. Humans are pink and the man sat waiting for the woman on the bed. And she seemed to be ready every moment to increase and to throw at him … Pretty pink scene seems to me, but certainly from my subconscious. In conclusion, to say that flatlet has received great. White walls, ceilings and floors are well diversified selection of furniture and accessories and the interior is sterile, a cozy and pleasant, even spacious. In this project we offer architects really interesting ideas and inspire with their decisions.

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LED wooden clocks

LED ClocksI loved those in alarm when they see one. Is a woodblock or at least wood looks. LEDs are hidden inside. When the clock is turned off seems like a piece of wood. But you light up led-ment, the light passes through the thin membrane and it seems as if the tree is lit. Later it turned out that there are any variations – black, cubic, triangular. There are even wooden LED alarm clock showing the time and it is colored by strong figures! Certainly can not shoot no one. Or so say black sheep look like its color. It is wooden with LED Alarm Clock Radio and MP3 player, which I find a very ill-favored. As an idea is great. Has a slot for flash cards and usb flash drive. But something can not I like his design.

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Interior Design of 50s

50s Interior

I saw this house and angry. I wondered how many houses in Bulgaria have kept the spirit of an era or generation. And there remains nothing to do. For example what can be preserved in the 50s from a Bulgarian house? Hardly much. And what man would want to retain from the era of communism. Maybe portraits of Zhivkov … I’d kept some old Opera television, radio or a huge sewing machine. Some of them seem really brutal, meaning cool. But as he is; Let’s see what this cottage offers. As for starting to admit that is sold and the price is $ 1 590 000. Located in San Francisco, is one storey with two bedrooms and an area 218 meters ². She was built in 1954. 39 for $ 622 called the Usonian style and reflects ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright for the then housing – designed to be high quality, good taste, be accessible to ordinary people and create a happy and harmonious society. Although this cost-don is simple. Current owners (only second in line) have made several improvements, including a gleaming new kitchen and bathroom, but keeping the overall spirit. Characteristic of the house are wood and concrete, natural cooling and lighting through many windows, floor heating, a strong link Mejda interior and exterior. The living room has a floor of polished concrete with red, wood ceiling was built fireplace, original built-in sofas and walls of concrete blocks (so are other walls in the house). It is interesting that the office is an extension built then, but this shows. Moreover, the wall separating the living room and dining room was removed to create a modern, spacious room. They are associated with open kitchen. As, among others, should be in every home floor … it is the same, but the ceiling is lower, and studded with white freckles, a modern kitchen furniture are of American walnut and the other match in the house. Not to be missed tremendous refrigerator with glass door.

Opposite the kitchen is one room or area as it is called “family room”. When the library was made, discovered a hidden niche designed for table tennis and have decided to keep it and use it as intended. In the house there is room, which I think is clean room or home office. Has many shelves, desk and plenty of light. As seen from the picture is perfectly located to be a Macbook-and blogging. All these premises are located in that part of the house, which faces the courtyard. To watch him large windows covering the entire wall and provide all the light from which a person would need. The other part is located across a corridor crossing across the house. It can be called private, because there are bedrooms and a bathroom. Highly placed windows provide light in them. In the master bedroom is updated almost everything – beds, library, wardrobe. The second was added luxury closet. The bathroom is mocha in color plates, modern tub and glassed shower. Make my impression that the carpet in the big bedroom (one of those shaggy, nice which are difficult to maintain, but they are very strong) is like this daily, while the smallest is like in the dining room and hallway. This creates a more indirect connection between the rooms and make them whole. Another cool thing is the overall sound system installed in all rooms.

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