Gerard Butler home

Gerard Butler home1 Gerard Butler home

Have you ever wondered how kings live? Well, see how King Leonidas lives. The actor Gerard Butler owns decker loft in Manhattan, New York. With an area of about 300 square meters apartment is furnished very rich, but in a good sense of the word – massive furniture, ornaments and many crystal chandeliers.

The interior of the apartment is Elvis Restaino and architecture by Alexander Gorlin. The entire restoration took almost 4 years. The idea of both is to arrange your home on your favorite atmosphere Gerrard – a mix of his travels in Europe, his most emotional memories from South America and even small references to the most preferred his coffee in New York. Really the house is among the most attractive and luxury mansions, which we have ever seen. From the first sight you can see the beautiful and well designed interior, typical for Hollywood stars. Everything is calm, comfortable and very useful. The house is really spacious and gives you the feeling of infinity.